With the global augmented reality market projected to hit $90 billion by 2020, wearable digital glasses, or SmartGlasses, are becoming increasingly sought-after for business applications worldwide. Frozen Mountain, a multi-award winning provider of cross-platform Internet-based Real Time Communications (iRTC) products and services, now supports WebRTC audio/video on Android-powered SmartGlasses, in addition to all other native, web and mobile platforms.

While Google Glass did not fulfill expectations of popularity with consumers in recent years, business use cases for SmartGlasses are expanding exponentially. Frozen Mountain’s IceLink and WebSync SDKs, which together provide the complete solution for WebRTC-based audio, video and data streaming, now support two popular models of SmartGlasses — Vuzix’s M300 and Osterhout Design Group’s R-7 — with support for additional models planned for 2017.

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